Join a Roundtable Discussion! Human Skills at Work

Can we give empathy a seat at the table?


Technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming the world of work. Now more than ever, skills like creativity, EQ, and collaboration are the key differentiators for success. These skills are what makes humans unique and we are wired for them.

No matter what industry or sector, job transformation is coming. Join Mursion for our “Future of Work” Roundtable series which will include:

  • award-winning case studies leveraging virtual reality
  • discussions with practitioners such as Best Western, thought leaders such as Britt Andreatta, and innovators across all industries embracing emerging tech for L&D
  • hands-on workshops to design scenarios in virtual reality! and bring them to life on the spot before your eyes

– scientific guides to the XR landscape and guest speakers from all sides of the market

– a chance to discuss the big questions like what it means to be human in today’s workforce

Our roundtables are intended to be interactive discussions, not just sit and listen webinars. Come prepared to engage in lively discussion. Make sure to sign on a location with a microphone (webcam encouraged but optional).



Scheduled topics & guest speakers 

01/14/20 Listen Until You Sweat: The Linchpin Leadership Skill with Christina Yu, Head of Identity and Growth at Mursion


01/28/20 Being a Consciously Inclusive Leader featuring Dr Steve Yacovelli, award-winning author, speaker, catalyst equipping cutting-edge leaders to explore their unconscious bias and create a culture of belonging


02/11/20 XR Buyer’s Guide (the Science of Presence, Plausibility, and More) The what, why and how of VR/AR, with Anna Stasshofer, Learning Technologist and Alex Zelenin, Art Director


02/26/20 No Excuses Sales Training: Make Give/Get Part of Your Team’s DNA  lead by Brent Keltner, President of Winalytics


3/10/20 Conflict at Work: VR Simulations featuring Miranda Loos of UC Berkeley Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership (CIL)


03/24/20 Microaggressions: Rapid Scenario Design Workshop – How to create and execute effective and consistent practice conversations


Full descriptions 


Listen Until You Sweat: The Linchpin Leadership Skill 


What is something each of us can do right now to see and hear others better, no matter what our rank, network, or access to resources and opportunities? Practice “active listening,” what the World Economic Forum has identified as a critical skill of the future, along with other “human” skills like “creativity” and “problem solving.” Whether you’re a seasoned executive with a division to manage or working your first job, join us as we discuss the science of building rapport, the connection we seek in our work lives, and how you can make this part of your organization at every level. In this session, we’ll synthesize research and connect it to emerging technologies, so you walk away with unique insight into human skills development.   


They Said What?!: A Rapid Scenario Design on Micro-aggressions, featuring Inclusion Ventures


Join us as we cover research on micro-aggressions and how they manifest most commonly in our work lives. Most of us know that micro-aggressions shouldn’t be tolerated, but what do you do on the job if you encounter one? Here at Mursion, we believe that creating a safe and productive environment is about knowing what to do and having the experience gained from practice to actually do it when the moment comes. VR simulations are the ideal way to get this practice. The second half of this session will be a hands-on session where we take a scenario sourced from participants and bring a simulation to live in real-time before your eyes. This may be the most transformative webinar you ever attend! We guarantee it will change the way you see inclusion at work forever.  


Being a Consciously Inclusive Leader, featuring Steve Yacovelli 


There are now an unprecedented five generations in the workplace, which means that leading teams and organizations is more complicated than ever. The modern workforce is multigenerational, diverse, and increasingly remote. The rules of interpersonal communication at work have changed, and as a result, companies are exploring ways to create a more equitable, respectful workplace.  


Time and again, it has been proven that companies which embrace diversity and inclusion outperform their peers in multiple aspects of business performance. Research shows inclusive companies enjoy 2.3 times higher cash flow and are 1.7 times as likely to be innovation leaders.   


Formal D&I programs not only articulate the mission, strategies, and practices that support human difference; they define a strategy for leveraging that diversity to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Many of these programs need to be operationalized and integrated, with top buy-in and organization-wide support. But how do you actually empower your workforce to make these programs a reality? Join us as we ask the hard questions about conscious inclusion.  


XR Buyer’s Guide (the Science of Presence, Plausibility, and More) 


Augmented, virtual, or mixed reality… there’s a lot of talk about these technologies, how they can increase productivity, unlock empathy, and improve organizational readiness-to-perform. What used to be on the bleeding edge of training technologies is swiftly becoming an industry standard. Is this all tech for tech’s sake or can it drive real behavioral change and ROI? Working with our scientific advisory board, Mursion is at the forefront of research on the use of simulation for enhancing essential workplace skills like leadership, communication, and empathy. Join us as we share our knowledge, gained from years of building and refining the ultimate soft skills training environment. This will be a peek beneath the hood and a deep dive on the art, instructional design, science, and business implications of XR. You’ll walk away ready to talk about XR with an insider’s perspective.  


All About Conflict at Work, featuring UC Berkeley Center for Intercultural Leadership 


Conflict at work is unavoidable and even productive, a necessary aspect of growth. From Jeff Bezos’ “agree to disagree” principles to cultures of spirited debate and radical transparency, different organizations have found unique ways of managing inevitable divergence of opinion and harnessing it for the development of individuals, teams, and whole companies. Ensuring that conflict is meaningful and not destructive depends largely on emotional intelligence, the ability to understand and manage one’s own emotions and empathize with others. Contrary to popular belief, this ability (so critical in every field) can be developed with conscious practice. Join us as we cover the surprising research on this front and show you techniques you can apply to your daily work life. We’ll provide a global and intercultural perspective to make this especially relevant to the modern workforce.    


No Excuses Sales Training: Make Give/Get Part of Your Team’s DNA, featuring President of Winalytics, Brent Keltner 


We all know that salesmanship is a critical life and business skill. Everyone sells in an organization, even if their role lies in Product or Tech. But what is salesmanship anyway? Is it relationship-building, likability, charisma, intelligence, grit? Join Brent Keltner, president of Winalytics, in our discussion of what true salesmanship is: the alignment of customer need with a product or service capability. The most successful sales organizations are able to move beyond a superficial understanding of sales to grasp this essential alignment. 


In doing so, they avoid the most common pitfalls. Most sales deals are poorly qualified. did a recent study showing that only 28% of forecasted deals close in the same 90-days they are forecasted to close. The root cause of this deal qualification gap is simple.  Sellers too often qualify deals based on their own actions (e.g. “I did a 1st call, I did a demo, I sent a proposal”) rather than the actions taken by their buyers to build organizational readiness to purchase. Join this roundtable for sales executives to discuss the nuts and bolts of true salesmanship and learn strategies you can implement with your team immediately after.