Mursion Featured as JFF 2020 Immersive Technology Innovator

Technological solutions are rapidly changing how humans learn and grow. As the world of work transforms in this new landscape, employee training needs to keep pace with this unprecedented progress. But the challenge is clear: How do we introduce and implement learning tools and techniques that can evolve with ever-changing needs?

This is especially true of careers that require an adept understanding of soft (or “human”) skills such as empathy, listening, and creative problem solving. Tools and platforms that use immersive technologies present an opportunity to make learning more accessible to a wider range of workers and make possible new opportunities for advancement by making it easier for people to develop new skills quickly.

Today we’re pleased to share the release of the Jobs For the Future (JFF) immersive learning market scan and Mursion’s inclusion as an innovator to watch. JFF is a national nonprofit that drives change in the American workforce and education systems to achieve economic advancement for all. After reviewing more than 300 companies in the marketplace, JFF selected Mursion based on our demonstrated ability to deliver impact and innovation among the hundreds of solutions evaluated.

JFF and Mursion are working together by creating piloting profiles of soft skills development in the workforce ecosystem. By creating and testing a roadmap for workforce engagement, innovation leaders in the workforce space will be engaged with a framework to be modeled in similar programs. In parallel, product strategy and analytics will further inform workforce field engagement in ways that will increase impact and company value.

Among 58 companies organized and mapped to impact priorities, Mursion is featured as one of 11 innovators to watch. These mission-aligned companies represent trends and momentum that create significant business-aligned social impact. This insightful and influential list goes deep in the immersive learning market’s impact opportunities, technology trends, dynamics, and impact investment insights.