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What’s Next?

Are you ready to take the next steps in making Mursion virtual reality training part of your learning culture? Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Request a Demo

At Mursion, experiencing is believing. Learn more about the power of Mursion by requesting a demo to see it in action. Our simulation experts will walk you through the impact of Mursion and let you try the software for yourself.

Step 2: Choose Your Delivery Method

Mursion training specialists can deliver customized high-impact virtual reality training directly to individuals within your organization or you can purchase a software license subscription to deliver simulations in-house.

A) In-House Trainers

Would you like to deliver Mursion virtual reality training using in-house trainers? Sign up for a Mursion software subscription. We will train your trainers on how to use the software; then they will be able to customize learning experiences specific to your organization and can coordinate and deliver training as needed. Trainers will be re-trained by Mursion experts in-house on an annual basis.

B) Mursion Trainers

Are you delivering training on a specific project or program? Let our experienced virtual reality trainers manage the process. In less than 6 weeks, we will work with you to develop customized scenarios to fit your organization’s goals and challenges. Then, we will coordinate and deploy training in your organization, including providing the simulation specialists. Finally, we’ll review the quantified results with your stakeholders.

Step 3: Choose Your Learning Model

We find that Mursion is best applied in 1 of 3 learning models. These include intensive solo practice, a group workshop setting, or in a fishbowl discussion setting. You may opt-in to recording the session for post-event review and additional coaching

Private Practice

In this intensive learning environment, individuals engage in simulations on a solo basis. This includes multiple rounds of complex simulation sessions that users can schedule on their own time. You may opt-in to recording the session for post-event review and additional coaching or can have a coach attend live.


Virtual Group Workshops

In virtual group workshops, a small group of participants interacts with the avatars while the rest of the group observes. This training is instructor-led with a limited number of interactions. It is ideal for positive modeling, reinforcing previous training, introducing concepts, or augmenting discussions.

VR Training

In Person Group Workshop

In a group workshop approach, a group of participants will take turns interacting with avatars while the rest of the group observes. The trainer may choose to facilitate a group discussion after each turn to explore what went well and what didn’t. This is ideal for social learning and team collaboration.

Step 4: Customize Your Curriculum

Everything about Mursion curriculum can be customized and developed in less than 8 weeks — from the avatars and environment to content of the scenarios. Work with Mursion virtual reality training experts to design customized scenarios to fit your organization’s goals or challenges.

Step 5: Enrollment and Scheduling

Once curriculum is designed, enrollment begins. Mursion has a portal for facilitators to schedule sessions, or learners can schedule their private sessions on their own time.

Step 6: Quantify the Results

We believe in delivering real results, which is why Mursion virtual reality training software includes machine learning to quantify the results of each training experience. This helps you track progress and learning.

Got Questions?

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