Mursion is a virtual reality training platform for professionals to practice and master essential workplace skills

Mursion: A Cutting-Edge Virtual Reality Training Company

Virtual reality has been widely used in disciplines such as medical or defense training. However, at Mursion we believe that the possibilities of virtual reality training extend far beyond that. By merging cognitive and emotional reasoning, Mursion’s human interaction-based virtual reality scenarios help leaders and team members master high-stakes interactions.

Leadership Development Training

Contrary to those who think that leadership is innate, research shows that empathy, communication, and confidence can be developed through iterative practice and coaching. Mursion offers leaders a safe practice environment for turning new skills into daily behaviors.

Cutting-edge organizations leverage Mursion’s platform to place leaders in virtual environments that mimic the most challenging interpersonal situations they face on the job. Mursion provides live, interactive simulations to support leaders as they practice and master a set of competencies, such as how to coach to improve performance, provide candid and empathetic feedback, and create inclusive interactions on their team. Leadership training programs are customized to address your company’s challenges and goals.


Sales Training

With the right training, you can elevate every member of your sales team to a high-performing, confident closer. Sales success is a highly interaction-based process that requires trust, empathy, and the ability to navigate from an authentic core. Research shows that repeated practice turns skills into daily behaviors, resulting in higher close rates. Mursion allows your sales team to practice these skills in a virtual environment to hone even the most advanced, consultative skillset.  

Give your team the ultimate sales practice practice that is real, relevant, and that can be scaled in a meaningful way across an organization, no matter how distributed. 

Customer Service Training

Customer service can be an incredibly challenging industry that can directly impact your bottom line. While they say the customer is “always right,” this doesn’t mean there aren’t nuances and tactics for your frontline employees to master tough situations in-the-moment while ensuring confidence and upholding the brand promise.

Virtual reality training helps customer service agents engage in a number of challenging customer service scenarios. It allows them to receive real-time feedback for their customer service skills as they de-escalate (or escalate) a situation. This form of learning helps them better prepare for customer service challenges since it provides emotionally invested targeted scenarios in a safe environment.

Learning Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

In order to continue growth and success, organizations must shift their approach from off-the-shelf diversity and inclusion compliance to one that makes D&I a core competency. Training in areas such as empathy, implicit bias, or unconscious bias can have the highest return for risk management—but are the trickiest to execute effectively.

Time and again, it has been proven that companies that embrace diversity and inclusion outperform their peers in multiple aspects of business performance. Your Diversity & Inclusion program not only articulates the mission, strategies, and practices that support human difference, it defines a strategy for leveraging that diversity to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Here at Mursion, we empower learners to actualize these programs by preparing them for the most demanding interpersonal scenarios at work, the ones that truly require judgment, empathy, and authenticity. 

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